All Photos Taken By Me –  April 2013

Bangkok is hard to explain. I’m always excited to go there yet the second you are let loose out of a taxi the only way I can adequately describe it is overwhelming. It smells, it’s loud and it’s hot.. Did I mention it smells? Nothing had changed in the five years since my last visit, same stands selling the same stuff.. Meat on a stick is probably the first place I went after checking to the hotel. I had been craving it since my last trip and ate a lot on this round. Khao San road always seems like a good idea until you are there. I stayed in a different place previously but figured it was time for a change of scenery. The hotel had a nice roof top pool that looked pretty cool in pictures with Bangkok in the background. Such a huge crazy city that I have seen very little of despite the fact that I have been there more than six times.. On the last visit I discovered a little street off of Khao San that was actually very cool. Same idea but just slightly more chill and a lot less crowed. Didn’t spend a lot of time there and to be honest unless I have a layover there I don’t believe I will be returning. Great city though so many amazing times here 🙂

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