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I have always struggled when it comes to what is and is not an appropriate place to take photos. Cemeteries, for example, I personally don’t see anything wrong with going to a graveyard for the sole purpose of taking photos. There is something very calming in the manicured lawns and repetition of the head stones. I have received my fair share of dirty looks as a result of thinking this way but always wondered why.

Having lost my father at a young age I am no stranger to dealing with all the emotions that come with losing a family member. We chose to cremate him so I can’t say that I know what’s it’s like to go to a cemetary to visit, not to mention how it might feel when someone is there taking photos in what you consider to be a sacred location so I’m not chirping on people that have a problem, simply explaining my side of things.  I feel that it’s necessary to mention that I’m not just out there disrespecting cemeteries for sport. If I happen to be taking photos and people are near by I always move as to not disturb them or encroach in any way. I’m not sitting on head stones, vandalizing or being obnoxious in a place where people come to grieve.

This long winded story is not without reason. Last year my stepmom and I traveled to San Francisco and happened to stay near the San Francisco National Cemetery in Precesdio. Both avid photographers we were drawn to the views, the statues and all of dem leading lines. We actually ended up going back a couple times so I got a ton of photos that I think are beautiful and I’m sure some people will think I am really strange.  I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts on the subject are so please feel free to comment and discuss below 🙂 Unless you’re going to be a dick in which case, take a hike. 

Photos Taken By Me In April 2016

San Francisco National Cemetary

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