It is creeping up on a year since Miss Camillia Mahal and I started shooting and there has been such a crazy amount of photos and situations we have gotten ourselves into. It seems every time we shoot something  off-beat happens, had to imagine when we go out draped in leopard print hanging off fences and laying on the ground to get the perfect shot.  It has be such a pleasure getting to know her more through our sessions and helping to create a site for her to express her style and personality.  We are still making strides on the site and I am so looking forward to the weather heating up and the lighter days so we can get back to our more creative shoots! Check out her website and give her some love!

7-camillia-mahal-shot-by-savannah-rose-march-4th- 5-Camillia-Mahal-Shot-By-Savannah-Rose-Jan-30th- Mickey-Mouse-6-Camillia-Mahal--Shot-By-Savannah-Rose- 2-POMV---Camillia-Mahal-shot-by-Savannah-Rose 4-Leopard-Coat---Camillia-Mahal-Shot-By-Savannah-Rose

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