I somewhat spontaneously booked a trip to Japan and I leave in one week! Garrett had his trip planned for months and I never thought I would be able to swing it. About a week after arriving he told me to get the time off work because I HAD to come there ASAP.  Honestly I was super surprised and flattered, this is something that he’s always wanted to do and I feel so lucky that he wanted me to experience it with him.  I land on December 30th so we will spend New Years together which is very exciting. I don’t care about NYE but it’s still nice to spend it somewhere cool with someone you love. 

Japan is a place I’ve always wanted to go. For some reason it just never made it to the top of my ever expanding list. I started looking into it before Garrett left and found so much cool stuff to do. Not to mention the food! Every video and blog i see is just people enjoying the most amazing meals. It’s acceptable to have ramen 5 times a week right?   I’m almost certain they will have to roll me out of that country.

It all happened so quickly,  I still can’t believe it’s actual real and in 7 days I will be stepping on a plane and flying back to ASIA!?! Oddly enough I seem to go to Asia in four year intervals. First in 2009, then 2013 and now in 2017. I’m happy to keep that up! Bali 2021 anyone?

This is probably the first trip where I have nothing planned except accommodation. I’m basically just going along for the ride. Garrett has been there for a couple months so I’m going to let him show me around. Debating on an overnight trip to see Mt. Fuji. You can’t go to Japan and not see Mt. Fuji! I also found this restaurant where you catch your own sashimi, sure to be a tourist trap but I really don’t care. The other thing I have planned is a trip to see the Hello Kitty Head Office. As a sales rep for the company I thought it was important to visit them while I’m there. 

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Have you been to Japan? What do I have to see? Do? Eat?!? Leave me your tips in the comment section! 

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