Mystery Beauties

This is the Youtuber that got me started on these videos. She is not only gorgeous but I could listen to her talk all day long. These video are a bit far between but you can tell how much research she does on each case. She is mostly a beauty channel so enjoy them as they come! Check out her channel here 

Bella Fiori

I’ve only started watching Danelle recently but you can tell she knows her stuff. Very detailed and concise which is amazing. She also posts a lot more frequently as it seems like the mystery videos are a huge part of her channel. Check out her channel in the link below and subscribe! 

Danelle Hallan

Okay I haven’t watched quite as many video from this Youtuber as the other ones BUT she is right up there. I like how she explains each case albeit it can be a bit monotone. I find she covers different stories that the typical ones and she’s just so darn cute. Lots of beauty on her channel too so check out the link below for her channel.

Caitlin Rose

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