What To Wear

My 30th Birthday is coming in hot. Always I have no freaking clue what in the world I’m going to wear.  I will be entering my 30’s with 6 of my favorite people in the City of Angels. Let’s be honest, I’m getting old so the outfit needs to be on point. One thing is for sure it will need to be black and will definitely need to be comfortable. Other than that I just want something that looks dope. I also don’t think heels will be in the cards so it will also have to go well with flat shoes. I’m not going to pretend this is a super interesting post that requires a lot of conversation. This is more of a mood board post .. A feast for the eyes, if you will. 

Our plan for the nights is to go for dinner around Sunset then head to The Standard on Sunset for drinks. After that we will head to The Rainbow Room. The night is our oyster after that! I want something super low key and as a huge rock fan, I just can’t think of a more perfect place. I mean to think we could be sitting a table Slash got drunk at? That’s all I really need. If the night goes well I can only hope we end up at strippers but I mean, I’m not holding my breath or anything. 

I have found a ton of adorable things on Lulu’s and even Forever 21 so far.  If you have any tips or great shopping places in LA I would love to hear them! I know Melrose is great but where else should I be looking for outfits? 

All photos via Tumblr

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