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Clutter Be Gone!

Trimming The Fat

The clutter in my house has been haunting my dreams for years. Okay that may have been a little dramatic but it is all to true. I literally have dreams about throwing everything in my house away or this re-occuring dream where I live in this Hoarders style apartment and wake up only to realize, it’s kinda true. 

Now Garrett and I will bicker about who this clutter belongs to, don’t get me wrong I have a TON of shiz BUT Garrett has like boxes of old reciepts that have since faded to nothing and buttons from shirts he lost 15 years ago. I think it’s safe to say we are even in the hoarding department. 

My excuse for having so much stuff is of course, the elusive garage sale I plan to have. I have had them in the past mind you, but let’s be honest how many more time am I going to want to haul shit down and schlep it on the corner to poor unsuspecting strangers. Time to let go Savannah! 

Garrett is leaving for Japan in less than 2 month (moment to panic). While I’d like to get a good chunk of it done before he goes, I know that most of this will be done in those cold months while he’s away.. Cold as in he’s leaving in the middle of winter not cold as in those cold, lonely, melodramatic cause I’m alone kind cold. 

I spent longer than I’d like to admit on Pinterest looking for some info-graphs to get me started. Seriously bitches love a good info-graph. So I wanted to share the ones I found the most helpful as well as use this as a starting point for what is sure to be a long ass process.. I may even post before and after photos.. Even though the thought of posting photos of my house in it’s current states gives me some real anxiety. 

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