Audrie & Daisy

Audrie and Daisy is heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. I think it is something that all parents should make their kids watch even though the topic might be considered a bit too graphic. I don’t think parents quite grasp what is going at school and just how much kids are exposed to, especially these days. I don’t have children so I’m not here to give parenting advice but it’s my opinion that a lot of people shelter their children and think that’s helping them but really it’s just the opposite. This documentary details two cases on two sides of the country with one very similar message and that is the online and IRL sexual harassment of young girls. As this finished I couldn’t help but think this needs to be part of the curriculum in Grade 8 when you first go to high school. It absolutely breaks my heart to think of what some people are put through by their peers and just how much is swept under the rug in these cases. There is such a taboo in coming forward when you are the victim of an assault not to mention when you are a teenager that (god forbid) may have been drinking at the time of the assault. I can’t street enough how eye-opening this was even though it’s an issue I have always felt strongly about. Definitely, a must watch. 

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Okay not exactly as important as the other ones but VERY worth a watch none the less. Like everyone else( I assume) I’ve always liked Tom Petty. His songs remind me of my childhood and I always had a couple on my playlist. After getting about half way through this documentary  I was in love. Not in a creepy way but more in a ” I respect you and would like you to be my adoptive father” kinda way.  I didn’t realize what a down to earth and straight dope person Tom Petty is. The documentary takes you through his life and the inception on The Heartbreakers as well as his struggles with the record companies and his non-stop badassery. 

Fan of his or not this is worth the watch just to see how the industry was back then and to be truly inspired by someone that took no shit from anyone. It also turned me onto the Traveling Wilburys and for that I will be forever grateful. 

The True Cost

This is one that I can see both sides of. Personally I do shop at the places they are talking about, not quite to the extent they go into. I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on clothes monthly from these places but rather I will buy things if I see something I like (which is rare cause I basically hate all clothes) and if I desperately need something and don’t have time to look I will go to H&M or F21 because I know I will find something mediocre to do the job. I’m not shopping there blindly however, and deep down as I purchase my $15 shirt I actually think about the process that went into that garment and feel the shame as I hide the bag in my backpack and leave before anyone sees me. Okay it’s not quite that dramatic but I am all too aware of the conditions these clothes are made in and the problem fast fashion creates.  The simple fact of the matter is that everyone wants things for a as cheap as they can get them that it’s almot become this game of who can find the best deal and who can offere the best deal. It’s a lose lose situation because the quality of the garment goes down, the treatment of the people making the clothes gets worse and pollution quadruples.. Those $3 basics though.. I won’t rant too much just watch the documentary. 

Going Clear

Of course I have always been aware of Scientology and its bizarre way but always had the “to each their own” attitude towards them and quite frankly religon as a whole. Difference strokes.. After watching this documentary I had half a mind to march down to the location in Vancouver and punch them all in the face. Now full disclosure, I think that as long as no one is being hurt everyone can believe what they want to believe. If it helps you sleep at night more power to you! Having said that, there is something so colossally wrong with L Ron Hubbard as a human being (if you can call him that). There were a lot of things I learned while watching this show. First of all, he kidnapped his daughter and took her to Cuba and then told his wife (her mother) that he had killed her, chopped her into pieces and dumped her body in a river. No biggie?  How about his son who came out as gay and then mysteriously died from what the cops said “could be suicide or could be homocide” 

The irony of this is that every time you see some celebrity promoting him its always ” i can’t believe how much he’s accomplihed in his life”. You know what John Travolta, you too can kidnap your child or murder your son if only you apply yourself. 

I don’t mean for this to sound like the rant it has become but I was literaly mindblown by this documentary. I put it on for background noise and ended up glued to the screen with a gaping mouth, whispers “What the FUCK” for two hours. 

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