On This Day : April 24th


Way Back Machine

I had the bright idea to start posting these here instead of sharing them to facebook constantly. Let’s be honest it get annoying when all people post is old memories (GUILTY!) but it is a very cool function. At least I think so anyways. I am continually mind blown at how fast time goes by and how much things change. I hear people say things like oh it feels like yesterday but for me everything feels like another lifetime ago.  It is always crazy to me to see how far I have come and if nothing else to see what the hell was going on a few years ago. 20 years ago, hell 10 years ago, the only way to see what was going on was through a diary or maybe a random note found somewhere. While Facebook has its irritating bits it really has become a public record of your life (I know, thanks captain obvious) that you can look back on and reflect (or not, whatever) 

Without rambling as I do let’s get into it. 

April 2013

According to Facebook, and well life,  I was in Ho Chi Minh exploring on this day 3 years ago. A little insane to me to think back to being there. Its funny because I left a comment on one of my photos saying how much I loved it there which was a total lie. I’m pretty sure at the time I was having a minor mental breakdown as a result of being constantly warned of the dangers of being in the country. Something I should have expected but was still very put off by. I was getting ripped off left and right which again is something you become accustom to but it was so much more blatant and “I’m doing this because we both know I can” feel there. Anyways I won’t harp because it was amazing trip. I also got some really great photos that day. Check em out here 

My Adventure in Ho Chi Minh



April 2011


Okay this one is funny to me but probably totally boring for everyone else. Clearly I was still working at Aldo which had a dress code in effect. Here’s a fun fact about Aldo, the dress code is to dress in a “trend” that they have predecided. All orginality is checked at the door. The trends included ridiculous things like “Summer Romance” and ” Holiday Sparkle”. Okay I made the holiday sparkle up but the Summer Romance theme was all too real and the reason I quit after one week. Well that and the management were total bitches. 

Okay So I Realize ....

We that’s it for now, not much other fun things of note on these days but I will post next time a fun one pops up in my feed! Thanks for reading! xo 

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