The Music Of Coyote Moon & Lonestar Cattle Company

My dad started his career in music at a very young age. Coyote Moon might be the the band I remember the most,  but his love for music goes way back to being a teenager. He actually taught himself to play the fiddle because there was a band that needed a fiddle.  He traveled all over Canada and some of the states touring and playing country music. My favorite childhood memories are going on the road with him and Coyote Moon in the summer.  Getting to see so many places at such a young age is something I am very lucky to have done. I loved to watch my dad set up and listen to his sound checks (as I was too young to watch him preform in the bar). I truly cherish all the times I got to spend on the road and at home with him. Not a lot of people can say that they got to travel with their parents while they worked. I have recordings of him,  mostly live on stage and recorded by the sound guy. The quality isn’t great but all I need is to hear his voice so it’s good enough for me. Not to mention the fact that I have those at all is something I am incredibly fortunate to have. When I think of all the people that have lost loved ones only to have no videos or photos. I can visit my dad any time I want by popping in one of his tapes. It’s also great to see videos, photos and hear stories from people that he touched along the way. I know everyone says this about people when they pass but my father was truly loved and respected by so many people and we all share a common bond of missing him more than words can express.

I wanted to post these here as a tribute to the most wonderful person I ever had the pleasure of being related to.  If you have any stories about my dad and his journeys I would love to hear them! What’s your favorite song they used to do? 



Coyote Moon


Lonstar Cattle Company

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