About Me

A Little About Me
Vancouver born and raised, well for the most part anyways. I have lived other places but Vancouver will always have my heart. I move to the city when I was 19 and I fell completely in love, I even like the rain. I packed my suitcase and moved to Western Australia when I was 21 and that is what really started my obsession with traveling. I always loved taking photos but something about going to these beautiful places made me want to learn how to appropriately capture what I was seeing. I have been very lucky to see what seems like a lot but is only a small portion of this wonderful planet and have taken thousands of photos along the way. Enter this website, I really wanted a place other than Facebook or Instagram where I could share travel photos, stories, blog bits and other random things that I love. No need to blabber on now, everything you need to know you will find on here 🙂